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Bay Area Running Boot Camp - Day 2


Bay Area Running Boot Camp - Day 2

 In the "What have I gotten myself into category!" Today was my second turn at running boot camp with Greg Durham.Only this time I decided I was going to try the Weekend Warrior drop in for $20 (7:30am - 8:30am) before I went to the running camp. Insane? um yes! To know me is to love me. It's hell being over weight and you do what you gotta do to over come your obstacles. Besides I'm super strong!

The difference between a boot camp at my local YMCA and Adventure Boot Camp is the heat! Some times we go outside at the YMCA but there is a lot less cardio. I know that Saturday Sara didn't leave one muscle out of our work out. I was very sore the next day! the YMCA it's like working out with a bunch of your friends. There is a lot more comradery and the whole group knows when you don't show up.

Then again it could just be the time of day. No one really wants to chat at 5 o'clock in the morning. lol

On to my Day 2 with Greg. After working out in the heat for an hour my running was just not very good. Greg would disagree and he is very encouraging but I walked a lot! I just couldn't keep up. We had to battle mosquitoes and the heat at 9am in the morning. My stomach was hurting. I'm not sure if it was the powder we put in my water to help me have energy or what but it interfered with me running that is for sure.

I did notice that my posture hinders my running and walking a lot. I've noticed a lot of pain in my hips. I didn't realize that I was bending forward from my waist when I walk/run. I have to focus on putting my head up, chest up and leaning my whole body forward and kicking my heels up. It's not as easy as it sounds.
Notice how this shirt looks all one color? lol - That's because there are no sweat spots! The entire shirt is covered in sweat and how gross is that? Ick! I came home and ate one banana, one bowl or oatmeal and two scrambled eggs. I had to refuel for the day. Sunday I have to weigh in and get measured. It will be interesting to see the difference in how their measurements are and what I've been doing on my own.

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