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Marketing Genius @StrideRite


Marketing Genius @StrideRite

We went to Stride Rite the other day because our son was complaining about his foot hurting and our baby girl kept taking her shoes off. Clearly these are signs that we needed to go get their feet measured. We couldn't resist these Lighted Captain Rex shoes. They aren't available on the Stride Rite site yet. Our baby girl keeps stealing his shoes and she won't give them back. She just takes off running in his shoes and we have to catch her and remove them while she howls and protests. Geez! There just a pair of shoes guys! Come on.
They love the lights!
There are going to be a lot of fights over these shoes. Our son LOVES them, so much that he snagged my camera and took his own photos of his beloved shoes.
I guess he figured out that he had the shoes backwards so he took another.
But this wasn't enough..
He put them on the stairs! ROFL
There are several more photos that he took but I will stop here.
If you have a Star Wars lover check out your local Stride Rite store.

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