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Eel to Sting Ray - Happy Graduation


Eel to Sting Ray - Happy Graduation

We love the swim lessons at our YMCA! Our "tornado" here was enrolled in the pike class but after the first day I knew he was in the wrong class. He is NOT afraid of the water. He wasn't afraid to stick his head under the water and his arms and legs were going crazy. We moved him into the eel class and it was a perfect fit for him. He didn't pass the class after the two weeks and I registered him for another class. It's great that they have instructors that really assess their abilities rather than just passing them on. I was pleased that his swim instructor made that call. I really like the way they make the classes so much fun and they keep the class size small.
He had a new instructor and this time it was guy so he was really trying to impress him. He graduated with flying colors! Now he can move on to become a sting ray. He's super excited.
I feel so much better now when he is in the pool. Now I just have to figure out what to do with our baby girl. She doesn't have any fear either. Summer is coming to a close so I may wait but they are coming for sure.

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