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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Hey Keith! While your eating all that food and diving into that yummy looking cake you should know that I was with #crossfit trainer Raul today. You see what he's doing? He's going to help train me to do that. Can you imagine the strength it takes to do that lift?

You know what we did today to prepare for the Spartan Race that's coming in exactly 7 days??? I warmed up with a 200m run, 10 air squats, 10 push ups, 10 ab mats and 5 chin ups, 2x. Yes I had to use the black band of assistance but who cares. I was working it! Then Raul put me on the weight bench and I had to chest press 55 lbs. It was suppose to be my body weight but there was NO way that was going to happen as a beginner. Guess what I did next? Pull ups! That's right pull ups with the help of the black band again. I had to do this for 5 rounds. You wanna know how many I did? 78 reps of bench presses and 28 pull ups. That was one of the toughest work out yet.

What brought me in there today? I was testing a theory actually. Keith and I were having a conversation about Shaun and how we should stick with him because he pushes us all to do our best. Obviously we have all worked with Shaun before so we know his style and we're comfortable with him. So I thought to myself, am I co-dependent on my trainer? They certainly do become like part of the family that is for sure. In the past when I have attended class and the instructor has a sub it throws me off. You have this expectation of seeing the person and feeling the energy they bring to the class.

Honestly, I was pretty nervous to go to a class today. It wasn't because of the soreness or anything like that but how would be to workout with another trainer? After all I'm still very much a newbie when it comes to crossfit. I'm not a fitness expert or trainer I'm just an expert in enthusiasm! When I walked in the door I saw the face but I could remember the name. I knew him from some where ??? the YMCA. Raul use to work behind the desk there and now here he was in the crossfit facility as my trainer. Immediately I breathed a sigh of relief at seeing a familiar face. It's not like he took it easy on me. Did you see that work out? I got to take in 10 breaths before starting a bench press or pull up. He was cracking the whip I tell you. I was being a little chatty out of nervousness but he kept me focused on the work out. That whole chin up/pull up exercise was BRUTAL! It's not like we go around doing those every day. My upper body strength is not what it will be. Before I knew it my 5 rounds were done and that was it. Raul said that he wants to train me so that I can eventually train myself. Trainers are there to give you the tools and get you to a certain point and the rest is up to you. Not sure if that is an exact quote but it's close.

Raul is too new to be on the crossfit unity web site so he was kind enough to let me take this shot of him with my not so super cool cell phone. These guys are really whipping me into shape!

Until next time on....How to Train a Spartan

The log program on the 100/200/200 is being squirrely today so I'm going to log my maximums here. This should be interesting after crossfit today.

Push Ups: Week 2 - Day 3, 2nd column - set 5 Max good form: 20
set 1 16
set 2 17
set 3 14
set 4 14
Just realized I did the wrong freakin column! I did the 3rd instead of the 2nd. No wonder the push ups were so hard.

Squats: Week 4 - Day 3, 2nd column - set 5 Max:100
set 1 31
set 2 38
set 3 31
set 4 31

Sit Ups: Week 4 - Day 3, 3rd column - set 5 Max: 90
set 1 45
set 2 50
set 3 45
set 4 45

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