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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Meet #crossfit trainer Shaun McCrary from Crossfit Unity in Seabrook. My work out experience has now come full circle and right back to Shaun. In December of '09 I started really kicking up my work outs at the YMCA and he was my first boot camp instructor. His demonstrations always made me ask, "How does he do that?" He started my path to working harder and changing it up and making me question what else can I do? See what Shaun can do?
My goal is not just weight loss but exercising using time management. Many people think I'm a bit of a work out nut. Let me be clear, I work out when I can. I'm training my body to jump into any class that is offered at the time that I can work it in. I have three kids with three different schedules and a husband whose job has him traveling with only a few days notice. If I can find a spin class that's available when I can make it, I want to be able to jump in and do that class. That is how I have been able to try all these different classes. On Mondays you will see my work out schedule change all the time. I could be doing boot camp, running boot camp, Zumba, Tae Bo, Spin, Yoga or swimming. For me mixing it up keeps me from getting bored too.

I've been wanting to try Crossfit since Shaun left the YMCA but there was no child care there at the time. They have made changes to accommodate parents. There is a local crossfit training facility here Crossfit Deer Park. A gentle man that I attend church with and who also happens to be a local police officer runs it. These guys are always posting videos on facebook about Crossfit. It looks very intimidating! I was nervous about trying it. The only thing that made me comfortable was that I've worked with Shaun before and he was available when I was available.

The warm up: run around the building, lunges, back extensions, push ups, planks and then do it again.
The workout: 18 lb kettlebell Swings, Pushups, Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, and Leg Raises. 2mins, 1 min, 2 mins, 1min. For cardio it was the rowing machine and we had to go 1600 meters which I did in 8min 10seconds. My time was rowing time minus total reps( each rep is a second). I scored 5:04 with the 18lb KB. Shaun says that's pretty good. HAH!!!! I thought it was great. I've come such a long way in nearly a year. I'm in a freakin' CROSSFIT gym. I have never used a kettlebell or a rowing machine. The rowing machine nearly killed me. I felt kind of sick after that. lol - Could have been the heat.

I was told I had an easy work out today and I believe that is true. I know this gets harder. Crossfit is interesting because you know what you are working on. There is a method, something to track, it's pretty cool. However, I wouldn't be in there without the help of Shaun, Dex, Greg, Sara, Kim and Hiro, the awesome people I work out with each week and my awesome Mamavation online sistas that keep me going each week.

Have I mentioned that there are only 12 days left to train?

Until next time on...How to Train a Spartan

The log program on the 100/200/200 is being squirrely today so I'm going to log my maximums here. This should be interesting after crossfit today.

Push Ups: Week 2 - Day 1, 2nd column - Max good form: 11
Squats: Week 4 - Day 1, 2nd column - Max: 60 interrupted by 2 yo going back and forth through my legs.
Sit Ups: Week 4 - Day 1, 3rd column - Max: 70

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