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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

It's just me today training myself. OUCH! Today I went back to the podcast run/walk 1-1 on Motion Traxx. I hit the park track after dropping the kids off at school to save time. I did go 3 miles but this time when I ran I applied what Dexter told me yesterday about sprinting. I did this for 3 miles!!!! I'm in so much pain now. lol - My legs and calves hurt. I was running fast by the second mile. The first mile was sort of a warm up but the second mile was just like breathing for me and the third....well that's the one that gets me every single time. My body just got tired and I felt my form give way to the running shuffle. At least I know where it is and now I just need to work on busting through that third mile. There isn't any Tae Bo for me today and I'm really sad about it. I like my routines but I'm on solo kid duty and that means I have to change up what I'm doing if I want to get a work out in. Did I mention there are only (GULP) 16 more days to train?

Today I have to do my training for the 100/200/200.

Push ups - I did the first 2 sets in week 3 on my knees but did the rest good form. My upper body strength is not great but then again I've come a long way since I use to not be able to do ANY good form push ups. I have to remember that. Max 7 good form push ups today.

Squats - I'm thinking that I need to move to the 3rd column in week 3. This is a little too easy. My legs are on fire but that's because I just got back from running. Max 50, I felt rushed because I have to get the kids very soon. One more to go!

Sit ups - Feels weird not to have my legs up in the air or at an angle or in bicycle position. lol - ok Max 43! Time to get the kids.

Until next time on....How to Train a Spartan

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