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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Perry YMCA Tae Bo Instructor

Hiro Otani
I have to get Hiro's ab work on video at some point. You have to see what she can do! It's MADNESS. Her push ups are just legendary. We try to copy her but it's really difficult. She has these NINJA moves. I can't keep up with her. I would like to but some of her combinations just leave me standing there with my jaw dropped open! lol - I think I need a class just to learn those. I can tell you that it has benefited my cardio work out. My breathing has gotten a lot better and believe it or not I do have a stronger core. I'm actually doubling up today. I have a very good friend that wants to try Hiro's class so I'm going to meet her there tonight. After class this morning fellow Spartan in training Keith and I hit the soccer field and did some interval training and ran laps around the soccer field for a half an hour.
Then I got a call from my running coach!

Running Boot Camp Instructor

Greg Durham

Did I mention he finished 4th place in the 5K last Saturday? He wrapped that sucker up in 20 minutes. How amazing is that? We were talking about training for the 5K Goblin run on 10/30 and of course the Spartan Race on 10/3. He told me about this great site Motion that has all these podcasts of workout runs that you can do. It's sort of online training. There is a podcast that is called a 1-1, that's a run/walk. I downloaded it on my Ipod and it is a 45 minute program. You warm up for 5 minutes then it will tell you when to walk (which is for 1 minute) and then it will tell you when to run (which is also for 1 minute) and then you get a 5 minute cool down. It's perfect for me! Thanks Greg.

Dexter told me about these super cool leg compressors that not only hold your shin guards in place for soccer players but they also help with cramping.

I found these at Academy for about $3.99. I bought a pair for my son for his soccer shin guards but I bought a pair for myself after I felt the pain from the basket ball game we played last Friday. I'm loving these things because they feel so good on my sore calves. Whoo Hoo! I love solutions to pain because after all there are only 18 more days to train.

Until next time on...How to Train a Spartan

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