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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

E.A. Smith YMCA Boot Camp Instructor
Dexter Smith
You train them with a BOSU! OUCH....did I mention how painful this is? My arms are like noodles. Dexter says just think of them as your Spartan shields. Don't know what a BOSU is? Let me show you!

These half dome things weigh in at around 14 pounds. No wonder we are all sore today! What can you do with these? Just about anything but our work out consisted of things like military presses, squats, lunges, Russian twists, scattered push ups and I'm sure I'm leaving something out. That's all I remember right now. There is a lot of comradery in our class. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Keith (he's also on a rivalry Spartan team) doing his push ups with his behind up in the air. I had to call him on it because without the proper form he could get injured *snicker snicker*. I said, "Hey Keith, get your butt down!" He said, "Hey Pam get your knees up!" Ohhhhhhh BURN. Yep, I was doing some girly push ups yesterday. That was so funny I couldn't help but crack up laughing. It's all in good fun. We all keep each other going. No pressure right? After all we still have another 19 days to train. Earlier today I hit the trails for a thirty minute run! I'm working hard folks.

Until next time on....How to Train a Spartan

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