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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Rumor has it someone said P90Dex's class wasn't any good any more. HAH! I don't know who that was but they should have been there with us doing lunges across the soccer field today. Besides, Dexter is training Spartans people! He's not fooling around here. We are going into battle and representing all of these trainers that have helped us along the way. I'm going to have the strongest legs on the planet by the time he gets done with me. It went something like this 21 power jacks, walking lunges across the soccer field, when you get to the other side do another 21 power jacks and do those walking lunges back to other side. Then he changed up each exercise but the lunges back and forth stayed the same. It wasn't really that hot outside but we were all sweating up a storm. This work out was really testing our leg strength for sure. Bring it Dex, we can take it. After all there are only 24 more days left to train!
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