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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Good morning it's Weekend Warrior boot camp time. Today Erin Guerro led our outdoor adventure. We played with the ladders and we did a lot of jumping jacks mixed in with push ups and sprinting. We used some weights and resistant bands but there were these bands that we used around our ankles for squats and glute raises. I was trying not to go full out because I knew I was running afterward to meet Greg.

The goal today was to time our mile. I was pretty warmed up by this point. We were running on concrete and all of a sudden I got this pain in my upper right thigh. I couldn't finish the mile. I wasn't sure if it was the concrete or some exercise I did at boot camp. I think it was those glute raises with the bands. When we headed to the gravel trail I was better. We worked more on my form but this was basically our last run together. I'm hoping to sign up again because I think the training has been really beneficial. Greg treated us to Star Bucks afterward. Nice way to wrap up the day!

If you are interested the next session is

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