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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Perry YMCA Tae Bo Instructor
Hiro Otani

This morning was pretty tough with Hiro. She is so awesome and inspiring. I held my own until we got down on the floor. Let me tell you her work out was just brutal. I forgot my towel and I was creating Lake Pam on my mat. It was so bad she went and got me some paper towels to catch the sweat. lol - I was working hard. I'm on all fours doing these side kicks and then she come up beside me on all fours and says don't touch my butt! I lost it and fell over. I got back up again and in position but her floor work is just so hard but at the same time it's something to aspire too. I have asked her for tips to train for the Spartan Race and she said I needed to do this:

Tae BoⓇ for Tina June! Tae BoⓇMaster Class on Labor Day!
DATE: Monday, September 6, 2010
LOCATION: Pe...rry Y (1700 League City PKWY)!
TIME: 10:00am~11:30am
COST: Minimum donation of $15!

✠ This Master Class will be in honor of Tina June, who passed last month. She was the only Tae BoⓇ Certified instructor in Slovenia. She had a sudden heart failure in her sleep. She was 35.
Team Tae BoⓇ is raising money to bring Tina’s sister to US to become a Tae BoⓇ Certified Instructor.
Top Fundraiser gets T-shirt.
May God Bless You as You Bless Others!

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