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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan


There are 34 days left to train for the Spartan Race. A special thank you to the #Mamavation crew for all of their support. Since there is a group of us training together it makes it easier? We aren't really sure how to train. Do we practice sprints? We aren't sure but Dexter has plans for us. Today he was a madman with his whistle. I felt like I was in a scene on that HBO special about the New York Jets football training camp. One whistle blow sprint, two blows drop and give him push ups, three blows lunges, etc...etc...etc... crawl around like a bear! Then run around the soccer field and do it all again. We were all crawling on the ground at one point or another. I was having lots of "I want my mommy!" moments. We practice in the same area as the little kids practicing for soccer. There's nothing like having all the parents watch a bunch of grown people crawling around on the ground! It was HOT and it was humid. It was hard to get a breath because the air was so wet. It was awful outside. We are all hoping the temperature is a whole lot cooler in October. On my own I hit the track this morning to run a mile. It's my first one since my injury. I have to work all the way back up to where I was. It's frustrating but I've got time.

Until next time on....How to Train a Spartan.

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