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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Adventure Boot Camp Instructor
Sara Durham Oliver

Meet Sara! She runs adventure boot camp during the week and "Weekend Warrior" class on Saturdays at 7:30am. You can drop in for $20 at Dow Park which I love. The flexibility is a huge draw for me. Her Saturday camp is a full body work out. She likes to create a variety of obstacle courses for her class. I just went through Dex's yesterday so I knew today was going to be a challenge.

We ran, used resistant bands and hand weights. We jump roped, jumped over these orange things I'm not sure what the name is, had more fun with those ladders and rings, took on the hill as we weaved up and down. We did push ups and partnered up to do tricep dips. That was fun! My partner had strong knees so this wasn't a problem for me. Although I was worried about my knees holding him up. lol

As I train for the Spartan Race I began to wonder if I could over train so I asked Sara this burning question. She told me "Yes! you can over train." Then she gave me a list of symptoms to look out for:
being emotional
That's all I can remember from her list. I don't really have those symptoms so I figure I'm ok. The only problem I am having is hip pain. She showed me some hip flexor stretches and told me roll on those foam rollers. I'm going to take her advice and ease up on the sprinting too!

Until next time on....How to Train a Spartan.

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