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Birthday Wishes For The King


Birthday Wishes For The King

 No, I'm not talking about Elvis. I'm talking about my son who turned 4 today! His name means "king" and that's what we call him. It was a very busy day for the birthday boy. We would like to thank all of you on Facebook and Twitter that left him birthday wishes. Here are a few of my favorite shots from his big day.
He got his first library card and signed his name all by himself. He's pretty proud of himself.
He kept picking out books to check out just because he could.
 This is his military cake. It has a tank on it that transforms into a robot. He was really happy with his choice.
Play-Doh, it was one of his favorite presents. He was just so happy about getting some. It was from his baby sister and he kept saying, "thank you silly, oh thank you, thank you!" I think my Mom got in on video.
I can't remember which Transformer this is but he was really excited to get it.
He begged for this Power Ranger transformer robot every single time we went to the store. He even took a box and hid it in the baby aisle so that no one would find it and buy it. rofl...
As usual trying to get a good shot of all of us at the same time is madness. My face was squished in between the two. My husband is losing his mind because right here is in the middle of packing to leave the country. All in all I think it was a very Happy Birthday for our little guy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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