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Birthday Wishes For The Princess


Birthday Wishes For The Princess

Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook. She had such a great day today. Here's a few of my favorite photos and little recap of her special day. We love you Silly!
There was some sort of early morning celebration in the laundry baskets. I have no idea where these three come up with this stuff but they were happy as clams singing the birthday song.
She refused to wear her custom made party hat by the child care workers at "The Y." I put it on her head while she was laying down getting ready for her nap. Notice the signal, the two fingers in the mouth usually gives her away.
This is exactly 8 seconds of birthday singing because my video camera still has a tape stuck in it from probably a year ago so I had to use my digital camera.
She was loving those cupcakes. I have lots of pictures of her birthday presents. Let me share a few of my favorite shots.
It's hard to get a good shot of the whole family but this was too funny not to share.
She loves this guitar. She clapped and danced and then her brother took it and played with it the rest of the evening. rofl....
Look at the smile on my husband's face! He's so proud of himself, already training her for engineering with those mega blocks.
This is a great shot because she loves her pots and pans set from her Nana and Granny. She loves her van that her big brother got her and the people that go inside. ***Notice that the Mommy is driving the van? ***The Daddy is the passenger! ROFL....that's us. I drive the van and her Daddy sits as the passenger. Oh did we crack up. I think she had a great little birthday party. One party down, three to go!

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