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Snap, Crackle, Pop!


Snap, Crackle, Pop!

I'm going with a Grade 2 on my injury today.  For how long? I have no idea and I'm really sad about it. I was suppose to run a 5K on Saturday. It's not going to happen. At least I don't think.

We were playing soccer during boot camp today. Thirty minutes into the game I took a step and planted my left foot into the ground and with full force I turned my entire body in the opposite direction. I failed to turn my left foot with me and it felt like my calf muscle went in two different directions. All I remember is saying "OW!" and I was down on the ground. I couldn't get up without help. I couldn't walk on my left leg at all. I couldn't hobble. We were all trying to figure out what happened. It wasn't a "charlie horse" and I didn't sprain my ankle. I twisted my calf muscle.

Thank goodness for Karen Nelso and Emmarie. Embarrassingly enough these ladies carried me from the soccer field to the gym so I could sit in the air conditioning. I went through 3 little bags of ice and of course there was the accident report. Guh!

There was also the emergency call to Greg Durham to find out how I should treat what happened and to find out if he had any experience with this kind of injury. Thanks to Karen and Nu for helping me out in the waiting area. We elevated my leg and Karen got me water and powerade. It really was embarrassing, painful and I just wanted to scream!  After my hubs got me in the car my leg was no longer elevated and I just cried all the way home it hurt so bad. I thought I was going to some emergency clinic.

When we got home my hubs showered the kids, elevated my leg, gave me ice, ordered a pizza and took to the internet to research my issue. We found a diagnosis to see if I had ruptured my muscle. Lucky for me I didn't rupture it but I think it was a near thing. I kept thinking about it over and over. Why didn't I lift my left foot? I know better than to move like that. If anything Hiro has taught me in Tae Bo, you pivot your entire foot!!!!

So now I'm out and there will be no morning Tae Bo, no runs on Saturday and I have no idea how long it's going to take to heal. I'm very sad. That takes away my me time and then top it off with not being able to walk or drive. I don't know what this is going to do to my weigh in on Monday. I'm just going to follow the rule R.(rest)I.(ice)C.(compression)E.(elevation) and pray for a speedy recovery.

Just when I had gotten my hubs out on the field with us too!....

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