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Am I Tough Enough? Let's Find Out #Mamavation


Am I Tough Enough? Let's Find Out #Mamavation

It started out a little something like this....
A friend of a friend sent out an email asking if any of us who do boot camp at the Y would be interested in forming groups. After I watched this video I was pretty charged because I'm a huge fan of 300. My husband also likes to throw in this quote when the situation permits, "You know Pam, only Spartan women, give birth to Spartan men." rofl...

Immediately I thought this would be so cool to do. It's so outside the box which is right up my ally. The question is how do you train for something like this? Can I keep up? Yes, I'm still nursing my leg a bit but I'm pretty much over it. I just need the ok from my doctor. Once I get that, bring it on!

Of course I had to get the support from my husband first and he says, "Go For It!" So with his blessing and a group of friends I'm going to start this adventure with 37 days left to train. I'm hoping to introduce you to all the people that I'm working with and post their photos and how they each help me. I'm waiting to get their permission first. I'm really excited!

My boys have watched this video over and over! My older son wants to do it but you have to be at least 16 years of age to enter. The response has been mixed so far. I've heard "you're nuts, that's insane, how cool!, I want to do it, maybe next year and my favorite...I'll come watch you!"

Step 1:  Form a team of 4. The entry is cheaper and who couldn't use the support of three others trying to see what they can accomplish too. 
Check! My team: Me, Cameo, Colleen and Shane.

Step 2: Register - Working on it.

Wish me luck! And join me for my new blog series of How to Train a Spartan!

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