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#Mamavation Monday


#Mamavation Monday


BIG congratulations to Greta @GretaBlau for being the Sista of the Week! This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Chefs Requested.

Weekly Mamavation Goals - 

1.  #fruitnveggie challenge. Get 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 
2. Water challenge. Strive to drink more water. Some moms are striving to drink half their body weight in water. For instance if you weigh 180, strive to drink 90 ounces of water per day.

My Goals -
  • The long term goal 50lbs. by the end of the year.
  • The short term goal 4 lbs. per month. 
    • January - 4 pounds lost = goal met.
    • February - 5 pounds lost = goal met.
    • March - +1 gain = goal NOT met.
    • April - 2 pounds lost = goal NOT met.
    • May - 3 pounds lost = goal NOT met.
    • June - 0 gain/loss = goal NOT met.
    • July  - +1 gain = goal NOT met.
    • August - 2 pounds lost = goal NOT met.
    • September
My Work Outs - High Gear
Monday -1 HR PM Boot Camp, Run 1 mile
Tuesday -1 HR AM Tae Bo, Run 1 mile
Wednesday - Run 1 mile, 1 HR PM Boot Camp
Thursday - 1HR AM Tae Bo, Run 1 mile
Friday -  1 HR PM Boot Camp, Run 1 mile
Saturday -Weekend Warrior 1HR AM Boot Camp, 1HR AM
Sunday - 1 HR afternoon Run/Hike/Walk

Measurements -

Chest = same
Waist  = same
Hips = +.5
Legs = -.5
Arms = same

Scale Reading -
I have a 3 lb. gain. I'm not surprised considering the last 3 days. On Friday morning I weighed in and had a 4 pound loss from the week before. I was super excited! And then....

Stress Level -
Saturday morning I went to two different boot camps. I worked really hard and I was so disgusting with sweat. My husband and I have been talking about replacing a few tiles in our shower. He told me that while I was gone he was going to go to Lowes and look at tiles. When I got home from my 2 hour work out I found that he had already started demolishing the bathroom. Meanwhile all I wanted to do was take a shower. To make a very long story short this triggered my stress button and I went for the ice cream first. One junk food led to another and I even went to the store to get a couple of cokes which would be like drinking a beer for others. I kept indulging through the evening. I woke up the next day and figured ok that was my super cheat day and let's move on. Then I would go into the bathroom and it just kept getting worse and worse. The more I thought about it the more stressed out I got. The money, the time, how to repair it all, who to call and the list goes on and on. My stomach just began to hurt and it still hurts right now as I'm writing this post. Instead of turning to ice cream I wish I would have headed back out the door and went for another run. Something! It would have had a better turn out.

The UP side -
The How to Train a Spartan series is going well with only 26 days left to train. This Saturday I have a Fallen Heroes 5K to run.

I'm looking forward to reading how the rest of my "sistas" did this week.
And this is a little inspiration for all of this week!

I'm always hunting workout music which you will find in my DJ Booth at You can search the #mamavation hashtag or #workouttunes to see my lists. If you have any music suggestions leave them in the comment section!


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