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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Perry YMCA Tae Bo Instructor

Hiro Otani

OUCH!!! After all those blasted lunges yesterday with Dexter I knew Tae Bo this morning was going to be brutal and I was right. My calves were on fire! Hiro was really on this morning. She makes this class so much fun. A lot is expected of you but it's all ok. She makes you want to do your best and I love that about her as a trainer. She's inspiring and the things that she can do will just have you shaking your head back and forth. She reminds me of a female version of Bruce Lee and who doesn't love him? I think he was an amazing person. Any way she does this all the time in class but this morning for some reason I really honed in on it. We count down 87654321 and she says, "give me one more set" and we count again and then she says, "now one more set" and we count again. Then she will randomly select a person and ask them what number are we on and if they don't know, guess what? One MORE set! Keep count people!!!! rofl.... It goes on and on and by the time we get to her ab section, trust me, everyone is keeping count. Only 23 days left to train!

It's official I have worn out my running shoes and am still waiting on my new pair to come to the store. I'm scheduled to run a 5K on Saturday (part of my Spartan training). I really hope they come in tomorrow or I'm going to have to figure out an alternative plan.

Until next time on....How to Train a Spartan.

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