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Happy Grandparent's Day!


Happy Grandparent's Day!

I don't really care if Hallmark just made up this holiday as another way to get more money. My family LOVES this holiday and we have been celebrating it for years. My mother (aka Nana) and my grandmother (aka Granny) are always helping my family out if we need it. We try to have them over often for dinner just as way to say thank you. We've been in lots of pinches with the kids and emergency room visits and times when I get sick and I need help!  Thank goodness they live so close by. We are very lucky to have them around.
My son made them some presents and those are the best kind. He also picked out a single rose for each of them. We found some Fall candle holders that are hand painted to give to them as well. They love home made stuff! Hope you celebrated the Grandparents in your family today.

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