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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

#Mamavation - I'm having a hard time staying motivated at the moment. I'm wondering right this second, "Is my body too old for this?"  Not specifically the Spartan Race (even though I am the oldest on my team) but trying to transform my body through this hard core exercise? My brain says, "You got this! You can handle it!" My body, it's not cooperating like I want. My body aches in all sorts of places but that isn't so bad, it's tolerable. I'm now over the every day tenderness. I'm running a 5K tomorrow and I knew to take it easy today but I showed up at boot camp any way. I was ok during the warm up and I had on my trusty new Brook Ariels. We did some sprints back and forth in the gym. We did burpees and mountain climbers and sprinted across the gym. I started to feel my soccer injury so I backed off a bit. Then we did these diagonal shuffles and those nearly killed me! Afterward we split up into teams for a hot game of basketball. I was a little pokey but then I got into the game and "BAM!" I felt my calf again. By the end (even though we won) I was completely frustrated. I was annoyed that I showed up before a 5K because a part of me knew better. Then I was annoyed that I have this injury in the first place. Then I was annoyed at my body for not being able to keep up. My mind pushes my body but my body doesn't want to keep up. I keep thinking if I just lose a few more pounds I could be faster, this will get easier. Honestly I'm freaking strong! I can bust out some push ups. I can actually run a mile without an issue. While these are all good things, I still have to wonder, "Is my body too old for this?" Is what's going on with me all mental? Is my body trying to say, "I'm over it!" I was not an athlete in school at all. This is probably the best shape I have been in, in my life even though I'm still clearly over weight. It's just frustrating. I'm really hoping that I can finish the 5K without walking tomorrow but I may have messed up this evening. I'm on ice and ibuprofen so we will see. There are 22 days left to train.

Until next time on...How to Train a Spartan

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