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Happy Birthday Son


Happy Birthday Son

This is the last of the birthdays for Team Kramer this year. Special thanks to Karen Nelson for providing us the recipe for this super yummy graham cracker cake! My husband altered it from cupcakes to cake and it is really good. Click here for the recipe.
My husband and he are such math geeks. lol - He's making an X for the roman numeral 10. Gotta love it.
He likes the wall soccer clock but the bubble wrap was a huge hit! rofl... kids
He really like this cool Iron Man t-shirt he got from his Nana.
Having some cash and a new spider man wallet is pretty cool too. 
Silly was hilarious! She had this WOW face on every time he opened a gift complete with sound effects.

Of course no birthday is complete without the family group photo. Now they are getting all excited about their super birthday bash this weekend. We normally do something at the house for each of them on the actual day of their birthday and have one big party for family and friends. Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it.

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