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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Dexter Smith
With 17 more days to train Dexter wanted our legs! HAH! Between he, Greg and Hiro my legs are full of power. I was so surprised! I'm serious because I'm always one of those folks at the end of the line when it comes to running and leg drills but not today. After 2 hours of Tae Bo yesterday I thought for sure my fate was sealed but NO. I brought it today and didn't even die out until the very end. I kept up with the lunges, side lunges, bicycle sit ups, squats, Russian twists and whatever else he threw at me in sets of 25. My problem was sprinting to the end of that blasted soccer field. I had to widen my stride, relax my arms, hold my thumb and middle fingers together and land on my toes first rather than the balls of my feet. He was so right! That made the sprinting a lot faster. So much faster that it wore me smooth out. Short bursts of speed are not normally my thing and pushing myself is just what the trainer ordered. Overall, I'm totally impressed with my legs. I'm tender but nothing I can't handle. Whoot! Way to kick it in high gear P90Dex.

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