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Spartan Inspired - Matthew Johnson Does It Again!


Spartan Inspired - Matthew Johnson Does It Again!

When I was thinking about competing in the #Spartan Race I had to share my enthusiasm with graphic designer and owner of Seventhfury Studios, Matthew Johnson. He and I have worked together on various projects over the last three years. After watching that promo video clip (which you can view in the upper right hand side of my blog) Matthew got caught up in the Spartan spirit! I told him about our team and asked him if he would create a shirt for my team to wear the day of the race. As an added incentive I sent him a link to the "Spartan gear" that's offered on the web site. Nothing against those designers but because I know Matthew's talents I was confident he could create something with more edge to it. He sent me the proofs of his designs and then put them on facebook to get some feedback. Everyone gave him rave reviews! My team loves them. The folks that are in charge of this race should contact Matthew and make this an official design. Don't you think?
We chose this one to wear on race day!
How tough are we going to be in this t-shirt? We chose the lighter color because we are in Texas and it's still pretty hot here. I'm so excited and I can't wait to get my hands on my race t-shirt. I'm gonna get it muddy, sweaty and possibly a little bloody depending on that barbed wire crawl. Team: Get us to The Greek will wear it proudly. My team is honored to get first dibs on this new design! Matthew is going to add his Spartan inspired line to his shop soon at Sign up for his newsletter so you can find out when they're available for sale! He's going to have different colors and inks so stay tuned to see how they look. Click on this link and in the upper right hand you will see "Subscribe to the Newsletter and save 10%." Click on that box and enter your email address and click Subscribe! --->Insert Happy Dance Here<---

Until next time on....How to Train a Spartan

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