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How to Train a Spartan


How to Train a Spartan

Hey #crossfit trainer Shaun McCrary from Crossfit Unity in Seabrook, Texas! It's me again and this time I brought some friends. Oh yes I did! We Spartans are serious about our training. Are we really prepared? Guess we will find out in 9 days!!!!! I will not freak out, I will not freak out, I've got this. Sorry, regaining my composure. It's my first time to do a race like this so I'm a little scared.

On with the training! Today we warmed up with 100 jumps (using a jump rope), 10 ab mats, 10 push ups and 10 air squats 2x. Then we did 21 wall balls! You take a medicine ball and throw it at the line on the wall and as you come down you squat on the medicine ball below your behind. I can't remember how much the one I used weighed. Next you go to the rings and do 21 ring rows. I did these with my knees bent and a slight angle because I couldn't lift my entire body weight. Then you take the kettlebells and carry them 300m. They are called "Farmer's carry?" The first time I did this with a set of 26 pound kettlebells because I was too slow and that was the lightest set left to carry. When we were done we did it again in a set of 15 and 200m. Lucky for me the 18 pound set of kettlebells were available. The last was a set of 9 reps all the way through and 100m again with the 18 pound set. My finishing time was 12 minutes 25 seconds. I felt sick again. Shaun says it's my fat burning. OK - There is a technical term he used but I can't remember the name. lol - I felt good but a little shaky. We went to Mario's afterward for lunch to refuel. That was a good work out. I took some free cards and flyers to pass out to my friends. Great work out but I know I'm going to be in a great deal of pain tomorrow.

Until next time on...How to Train a Spartan

The log program on the 100/200/200 is being squirrely today so I'm going to log my maximums here. This should be interesting after crossfit today.

Push Ups: Week 2 - Day 2, 2nd column - Max good form: 15
Squats: Week 4 - Day 2, 2nd column - Max:85
Sit Ups: Week 4 - Day 2, 3rd column - Max: 85

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