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Family Fun at The Fall Festival


Family Fun at The Fall Festival

Popcorn, snow cones and a train! We had some happy campers today. The kids had such a great time at our church's Fall Festival. I wish we would have gotten there earlier today but we had a long list of things to attend today. We could not get Silly off of the train. She cried when they packed it up to leave. We finally distracted her with pumpkin patch duty!
 My son is trying to be a chicken. I'm not really sure why!?
 Trying to get all three of them to pose for a photo is nearly impossible.
 He was having fun traveling from spot to spot for a photo opportunity.
 Yep, she has a mouth full of pizza! We had it delivered to the pumpkin patch. Since we got there so late in the day they were already sold out of food. There was a great turn out from the community for this event.
 They look so sweet and so grown up! Tomorrow they are showing The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown as the movie in the pumpkin patch. The kids are so excited! This has to be one of our favorite times of the year.

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