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Sports Authority - The Alternative to The Boot!


Sports Authority - The Alternative to The Boot!

Today we discussed the idea of the boot. Just when I was about to cry "Uncle" and go get one my Dr. said "too late!" While hobbling around my home I've been walking with my right foot at an angle. This is all very bad because I'm messing up the ligaments on the other side of my leg. Therefore, putting a boot on at this point will only cause me to continue walking like that furthering my healing time. Instead she said go to Sports Authority and get some good NON running shoes! Off I went and here you can see this really cool gadget they have.
All I do is stand on it and it leaves an imprint telling them my foot needs.
As you can see I have a very flat imprint which means I don't have an arch. This has always been an issue for me. The young lady hooked me up with some supports for every day needs as well as my athletic needs.

Now I have a pair of ASICS cross training shoes and a really nice pair of Nike basketball shoes. I love the ankle support I get from them. I felt so much better just putting them on. My feet have grown so much since having children. That is so weird! Am I the only one? lol - I picked up that little four pronged hand held massager at Bed Bath & Beyond. All these products are making me feel a lot better.

Now, I'm going to be a long time customer of Sports Authority because their sales people actually know something about shoes! I normally go to Academy but their people just stock shelves they don't know much else about shoes.

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