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Personal Goals for 2011


Personal Goals for 2011

Yesterday we got this fill in the blank sheet from church to begin thinking about our personal goals for 2011. For me it's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that this year is nearly at an end and that it's time to start over. Now I'm curious to see what my 2010 goals were and if I accomplished any of them. I'm going to list the questions here so you too can get your thinking cap on.

1. I will thank God daily for all my blessings. My goal for daily Bible reading and prayer is __days each week.
2. I will seek contentment and simplicity and live within my means. My spending goal is___.
3. I will seek freedom from the bonds of credit and debt. My debt reduction goal is___.
4. I will seek to wisely manage the gifts God has given me, investing and saving for the future. My saving goal is ___.
5. I will worship God each week by the giving of my tithes and offerings. My estimate of giving for 2011 is __.

In the past I've never really blended my faith and finances together. Interesting how they go hand in hand.

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