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Baking FOOL!


Baking FOOL!

Every year for Christmas I will bake up a bunch of goodies to show our appreciation to those who provide us service all year round like our garbage men, the mail carrier, the employees that work in the child watch area at our Y etc... I will also make some for a few of my close friends.

It started out with this yummy Oreo Truffle recipe. Then someone left a comment and said, "try the Mint Oreos" and we did! These are messy but everyone that tasted them loved them.
 Next are these chocolate covered rods. This year I threw in some pretzel nuggets.
These are white cupcakes with white icing and red and green sprinkles. Dex our boot camp instructor has a birthday coming up so he's getting most of these.
These are new! They are Marble Brownies and I found the recipe inside a box of Philadelphia cream cheese. These are an awesome way to break out of the traditional brownies. My husband and I thought they rocked!
My boy didn't agree with us and insisted we make the brownies the old school way.
Next up! Texas trash. I didn't like the way it turned out. I think we did something wrong so they didn't end up on the plates.
Then I was going to make these sugar cookies and put some colored sprinkles on them but something went horribly wrong! These didn't make it on the plates either.
These are the finished products! I'm happy to be done. It's been a couple of days but most of it was done today. Don't worry I didn't eat everything. I just tried the new stuff. It was worth it and a lot of fun. Nothing expresses appreciation like homemade food from the heart.

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