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Still Getting Ready For Christmas


Still Getting Ready For Christmas

This is my dog! She was not inspiring me while I was working out this morning. I think she had the right idea for a Sunday afternoon.
The one on the left is her stocking. What do I do with the other three? Do I try to scrape the glitter glue off? All three of these dogs have died, we lost two in the past four months. It was really sad to pull these out. Our son was really sad. It's tough on him because these dogs have been with him his whole life.
He was VERY excited to decorate the tree though. It's a nice sized tree that's real. We enjoy real trees.
Amazing what garland, ornaments and icicles can do! They really enjoyed putting all the ornaments on the tree. I save all the ones they make in school so they get to see how they have been maturing. It's really neat. Now it feels like Christmas time in our home.

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