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Getting Ready for Ole St. Nick


Getting Ready for Ole St. Nick

All the kids have written their letters to Santa Claus. My 10yo old cracks me up! His letter starts out, "Dear O Gracious Lord of Presents..."  and he ends with "P.S. The reindeer food will be in the front yard." This kid cracks me up.
I think our town is really cool to provide Santa's Mail Box every year. Some of these letters get printed up in our local newspaper. The kids are really excited for Santa to come around on the fire truck too. It's little things like this that we make part of our Christmas traditions and they will always remember it.
 This is their TA-DA photo! Then they had to run through the yard at City Hall because they have all of these wonderful holiday decorations.
Silly ran around this pole so many times it made me dizzy to watch her.
 All aboard!
I can't wait until we get a real tree in our house. That's another family tradition we have. We got to Houston Garden Center as a family and pick out the tree! Maybe we can make that happen today. Can't wait to see how you guys are getting ready for St. Nick!

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