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New Year Goals for 2011


New Year Goals for 2011


It's not Thursday I know, but in the spirit of Thursday Thirteen I've decided to carry on the list of thirteen goals. To me it was kind of fun to come back a year later and see if I accomplished what I set out to do. The funny thing is most of my accomplishments came toward the end of the year.

Ready? let's go!

1.) My 10yo son needs his own room!

2.) I want my "Silly" potty trained.

3.) Our television needs a cabinet. I think our family dynamic worked better when it was put away in a room.

4.) Silly needs to get out of the crib and into her own bed. It's time!

5.) It would be great to be debt free other than our mortgage.

6.) See how many of the Dave Ramsey steps we can get through.

7.) Run a 5K every month. (Thanks to Katina J. for coming up with that one!)

8.)  This year I will continue to exercise and make better food choices and I will weigh less than I do right now by the end of the year!

9.) Remodel the guest bathroom.

10.) New mattresses for every bed in the house. Any suggestions?

11.) Read a book a month. If you're not learning, you're not earning! Where did I get that one from? Keith S.?

12.) Learn Spanish (my dream would be to become fluent but I might need more than a year of distractions to accomplish that goal!)

13.) Get back to Family Game Nights! Those are the most fun.

I asked my two boys if they had any goals for the New Year.

My eldest said,

1.) Teach Leo how to fetch. (The puppy picked this up the next night!)

2.) To grow past 5 feet.

3.) To get more than four rewards in a week. It's the "You've Been Caught Being Good" can.

The two year old said,

1.) To love my Mom. (oh geez, insert warm & fuzzy feelings --->here<--- rofl....)

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