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So Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself....


So Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself....

Tonight a group of us went out to do some rock climbing. I had never been before and what an experience it was to have gotten to the top! Heights don't bother me so much, the problem I had was trusting the person who was my anchor to not let me drop. I'm not a very good anchor either. I was the anchor for my husband and it scared me because I was moving while he was moving. It really freaked me out! It was a great time though.

One of our trainers that we work out with came with us and joined us for dinner afterward. He asked us to not talk about our children for a bit and wanted to know more about us. He wanted to know what inspired us about other people. We went around the table and the words were Humor, Determination, Loyalty, more Determination, Positive, Critical Thinking, Courage and Character. It was no surprise to me that this is exactly why I enjoy hanging out with this group of friends. We all are very supportive of each other! It's great to know what we value.

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