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#Mamavation Monday - Favorite Part of #Fitcation11?


#Mamavation Monday - Favorite Part of #Fitcation11?

Kia asked me what the best part of #Fitcation11 was and I responded with the "Princess Carriage Ride." She looked a bit puzzled by my response so let me give you a little back ground about why that was the best part. First let me share this photo with you....
 I saw people riding around in this beautiful carriage and I just knew it was a now or never opportunity!

This is Angela, Lena and I being carried to our destination on 6th street in this beautiful lighted carriage. This was the best part because you could NOT get us to stop smiling. We all felt fabulous riding around in this carriage. Think about it, we work hard at the gym, hard at home, watch what we eat, get support from where ever we can and this is the pay off. For one night we were given the opportunity to dress up and show off all of our hard work. We got lots of "Whoo Hoos!" "Hi! Cinderellas" and a "You ladies look beautiful!" All from total strangers! Talk about a confidence boost! It's not like it came from our family where you feel they may say something nice just to be supportive. No! We looked and felt fantastic and that is what Mamavation is all about! It's about a healthy lifestyle and becoming your best fit self with the support of other women going through the same struggles. How could this NOT be the best part for me? This is not something that I would do with my kids or my husband. It's pretty expensive but for one night it was totally worth it!

Eating out:
Trudy's 6/3
Random Lunch Truck, Roaring Fork 6/4
Dominos Pizza 6/5
Chick-Fil-A 6/6

My Work Outs this past week-
Monday - Crossfit with "Murph"
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Crossfit
Thursday - Crossfit
Friday - Crossfit, MizFit work out, Yoga with Kia
Saturday - 2 mile run, 30 minute swim, Zumba
Sunday - Yoga with Kia, Pilates with Colleen

Scale Reading -176 - 3 pound gain! Whatever! We ate so healthy on vacation. Seriously I've never eaten that healthy on vacation. We had tons of healthy sponsored snacks. However I am eating out way more than any other month.

Stress Level -A little high with this 10K coming up. I've been dealing with hip pain and now it's gone since Colleen mashed out my muscle! I'm almost afraid to do anything.

The UP side- My birthday is coming! I plan to celebrate.

A bit of inspiration for you ladies!
Remember - YOU are a role model.

Need for fitness support? Join the "Sistahood". More great resources: The Y, Crossfit Training, Vitamins for your age group,

  • The long term goal 45 pounds by the end of the year.
  • The short term goal lose 3 lbs. per month. 
    • January 179 - 180 = 1 pound gain
    • February 180 - 177 = 3 pound loss
    • March 177 - 176 = 1 pound loss
    • April 176 - 174 = 2 pound loss
    • May 173 -173 = 0 pounds lost
    • June176 -
    • July  
    • August
    • September
    • October
    • November
    • December
Secure Your Success
Charting your progress gets you there faster. Try these tools:

Track my weight loss.

Track my weight loss.
 Watch my waist get smaller.
Watch my waist get smaller.

Track my walking.
Track my walking.

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