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AEROBIE Sprint Ring #Fitcation11 #Mamavation


AEROBIE Sprint Ring #Fitcation11 #Mamavation

AEROBIE was another one of our fabulous sponsors! They have a great line of sport toys. We received the Sprint Ring in our bag of goodies. I could not wait to play with my kids and give it a test run. The plan was to take it to Stewart Beach in Galveston. Doesn't that sound like fun? Playing with the flying ring on the sandy beach. What better place, right? WRONG - There is a huge sign when entering the beach that prohibits playing with "frisbees" on the beach.

No worries! We took this party to our front yard. My son here is running full force to catch his little sister's throw.

It's true, the flight distance is amazing! You see that tree across the street? My little 4 year old son was able to send the Sprint Ring flying right into it. Lucky for him it didn't get stuck!

I'm so happy we have a new easy to carry any where toy to play with! We can play in the front yard, back yard or the park. Talk about getting our exercise for the day! Check out the FAQ page to learn how to throw it, tune it and get a listing of games to play.
Thank you AEROBIE for providing fun and fitness for our whole family!

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