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Why It's Good To Have a Trainer!


Why It's Good To Have a Trainer!

In case you are new here this is Shaun McCrary my #Crossfit trainer. He and I go all the way back to boot camp at the YMCA. He is a trainer that I trust and have trained with for years??? It's all a blur now it's been so long. When I was training for the Spartan Race he was one of the many trainers that helped whip me into shape for the big event.

This past Monday I had to get a tissue mass removed from the upper back part of my leg and have it sent off to the lab. During the initial consultation I asked the surgeon when I could resume my normal activities and he told me it would be two days later. It was important for me to clarify that I wanted to get back to the gym as soon as possible. He reassured me I would be fine. Instead he underestimated me, maybe he thought I was taking a dance class or something???? During the surgery (yes I was awake) I tried to explain to him Crossfit. I asked him specifically, "I'm ok to run, jump and do some Olympic lifting???" His eyes got as big as saucers and he quickly said, "NO! Why don't you wait until next week." ARG!!!!! - Guess he shouldn't assume what a stay at home mom's normal activities are, eh???

When I got home I had to get the word out to Shaun and he reassured me that he could modify my workouts when I was ready. After two days I was going B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!! Finally, I returned to the gym today and he created a workout that still made me work up a sweat! He worked around my issue and that is what is so great about having a trainer! I could sit out for a week or I could go to the gym, consult with my trainer and get a plan of action. No excuses!

And because he is so super cool look what he had made for us members!!!!!! Insert MEGA Happy Dance!
What is this? It's the most awesome all in one Crossfit book! I can keep up with my workouts, body composition, personal records and so much more. There is so much information inside it just blew my mind. I can't wait to dive in and start reading it all. I'm excited!!!!
Now I can stop trying to keep up with my progress with post-it notes!  This is just another added bonus of why I stick with my trainer. I trust him to guide me, educate me and provide me with the tools for my success. He is incredibly supportive and encouraging. He also calls me out if it's necessary. Right now I need modification and he will work with me as long as it takes. His "can do" attitude is contagious! I'm in such a better place now because I know what I can do and what limits there are at the moment. It's great because I still feel like I accomplished a good workout today. I have NO excuses! I'll be back full force in no time.

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