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5 Fingers of Thanks


5 Fingers of Thanks


1.) Thankful

Tiny Klout Flag79 Leah Segedie
One of my contributors is interviewing you on Friday and is SO excited!   21 Oct
 Yep! You read that right, I get to do a phone interview with the BOB HARPER!!!! Yes, Biggest Loser Trainer Bob!!!! Spin Class in LA Bob!!!! I have always wanted to talk to him and this is my big chance! Ahhhhhhhh (deep breath)
2.) Thankful to be done with that bridge run!
3.) Thankful that October is almost over. It seems like this month has just gone on and on.
4.) Thankful that the tree house is finally completed.
5.) Thankful that there are only 15 days left in the burpee challenge! Whoo Hoo....

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