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Happy Thanksgiving - Turkey Trot #10K


Happy Thanksgiving - Turkey Trot #10K

From the left: Liz, Christina, Cameo, Keith, Me, Steve, Mo and Rico

What a crazy way to start out Thanksgiving Day! I was really nervous going into this race because I didn't train by logging any miles. The only time I have ran is in a work out at Crossfit. My last run was Galveston's Toughest 10K on the Causeway. I think once you do those bridge runs you can really do a flat race but I'm not a fan of the concrete courses.
It started out with not getting a good nights sleep because my kids were playing musical beds. I did start stretching out though as soon as I got moving. Next up I tried out Bob Harper's suggestion for runners by eating some oatmeal for my complex carbs 45 minutes before a race to maintain energy. That advice would come back to bite me! I finally got to On The Run and picked up my chip and met up with our group. There are a few missing from the photo. It was great to have so many people to run with today.
Then I checked the music on my iPod and get this, all I had was Kidz Bop music from a wedding reception that we had last weekend for some friends. All my rock my run music was gone! To my horror I knew I would be listening to the chicken dance, hokey pokey and the bunny hop! That's right, I just went with the flow on this one. After that first mile that oatmeal wanted to leave so I had to actually leave the course and stop at the Shell station much to my horror. Never will I have oatmeal before a race again! NOTED
I did really well until I got around miles 4-5 because my body started to get cold and stiffen up. I really wish I would have had my calf sleeves or longer pants. It was hard to pick up speed! Then I kept thinking about what it would be like to have to run 6 more miles. My feet were burning. They kept sliding back and forth inside my shoes.

This is the footage from crossing the finish line. I was trying to avoid running over that baby! My body was in cyborg mode. It was really cold by the end. I wonder if I should have put my jacket back on?
Unfortunately my time was slower on this flat course than the Causeway bridge. Of course maybe my trip to the bathroom didn't exactly help my time either. Geez! It's over though and I'm glad I did it without walking. The only thing I have to do now is figure out what is going on with my shoes. I have some serious blisters and bruises now. :(

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