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Operation: Humpty Dumpty


Operation: Humpty Dumpty

What's next? What do you do after you complete 5,050 burpees? Do you go back down the ladder? Do you start again? These are just a few of the questions that I've been asked. Here are my answers! No one wants to go back down the ladder. After you complete that many burpees you recover. Now, my trainer and I work on putting me back together again through a long series of mobility wods. First, let me start out by saying that during the burpee challenge I continued Crossfit training, running 5Ks/10Ks and obstacle course runs and I would throw in some Taebo. I stayed tender during the entire process but never had any real dominating pain. My trainer did warn me about the high volume. I heard him but I had to finish. He was preparing me for what was to come and we agreed some where in the 80's that we would begin repairing my body.

If you followed by burpee challenge journal at all then you know on Day 99 before I did the burpees I pulled a muscle in the left side of my lower back. I was lifting very light weights. It's possible that it was just a matter of time before it all caught up with me. It did and I'm paying for it now. I have all sorts of issues.


I found this anatomy image on Then I decided to take a red brush and show you my issues. The challenged ended on the 8th and 5 days later after an adjustment, a stretch massage, many epsom salt baths, lots of foam rolling, pain relievers, biofreeze, 3 mobility wods and ice this is where the pain is located. On a scale of 1-10 , 10 being the worst pain I would say that right now I'm about an 8. It's time to recover. Now you will find me in the gym on the verge of tears trying to grind out my muscle tissue. Here I'm going to journal my recovery and mobility wods so that it might help someone else.

11/9 - Day 1 recovery - 1st mobility wod. A series that my trainer walked me through from head to toe! There were lots of rotations for every part of my body. We did a stretching series from head to toe as well. I wish I could remember them all. Maybe I can come back and post some of them.
11/10 - Day 2 recovery - 2nd mobility wod. Another series of stretches and working with the La Cross balls. They are great for getting out those kinks! Especially for plantar fasciitis. There was a ton of foam rolling.
11/11 - Day 3 recovery - arm band stretches to help my posture, 100 reps. These are the ones that brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to punch someone. It hurt a lot. My shoulders have this crunchy sound when they rotate. Good times!
11/13 - Day 4 recovery - mobility wod ladder 8-1 spider man push ups - I got stuck on the 6th rep of the first set. The pain on left side is ugly. Torso rotations - I had a hard time keeping my shoulders on the floor. Windmills with a 10 pound kettle bell. Every time I rotated to my right foot my left side was in pain. There is a stretch that he has be do where I put my leg on a box at an angle and then I lean over to get a good stretch. When I try that on my left leg it doesn't lay flat. It's at a 45 degree angle off of the box! Ugh!

11/14 - 11/30 It's been a long road. I'm still not fully recovered but I'm so much better than before.
The hip flexor issues could be inflammed from that 10K I ran on Thanksgiving. I wish my body would heal faster. I have been back on my vitamins regularly now. I'm eating and sleeping better. Here are a few of the exercises that my trainer has been working with me on. I'll add more as I find them.

It's June 1st and after 6 months in rehab I'm finally able to work out again. I'm finally able to run again. So let's get back to training for life, shall we?

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