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Guest Spot on Top Chef


Guest Spot on Top Chef

If you are fan of Top Chef then you have seen those challenges where they have to cook for a large crowd and they each have a table to serve up something delicious. That's what Feast with The Beast at the Houston Zoo felt like last night! Over 60 restaurants gathered to serve thousands bite sized surprises. It was amazing!
Where else would I be trying a vegetarian treat with artichokes? This is not something I would try on my own but I did and it was delicious! Who served it up? I'm not sure. We just stopped at table after table trying whatever they had to serve.
Barefoot wine was there! They were one of the Fitcation 2011 sponsors so I was perfectly happy trying this flavor of wine. It was the best choice for me and it paired well with my samples, even the mushroom soup. I can't say that I liked everything I tried but I did try it and that was the fun part.
My favorite table was My Dee Dee's pie shoppe. They had the most amazing pie samples. My favorite was buttermilk chess. It was awesome! I've never had anything like it before but it sure would be fun to order one of those pies for Thanksgiving! I didn't feel bad at all about how much I ate. After my Crossfit WOD and 96 burpees I felt like I was due to blow off some steam and have a good time. I've been working really hard lately.
After we made our way through most of the zoo it was time to head over to the stage. I must admit it was pretty cool seeing all the animals at night. They must have been thinking, What are these crazy people doing here? What are all those flashes of light? Maybe next year we can get a VIP pass.
The reason I wanted to go to this event so badly was to see musical guest the B-52's. I remember when my big brother brought home their first album. It was such fun music and I have have been hooked ever since. They were on my bucket list! I finally got to see them perform. We danced all that food right off. I found some live footage on YouTube. We were on the far left of this guy. I don't know how he kept so still. I wouldn't have been able to do it. I was too busy rocking out!

The crowd that I was surrounded by was jumping, dancing, singing and just having the BEST time. So thank you to my friend for asking me if I wanted to go! Thanks to me for saving up for a rainy day so I could afford to go, and Thanks to the Houston Zoo for hosting such an awesome event!

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