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What's Up Chuck? #Crossfit Gear


What's Up Chuck? #Crossfit Gear

For the last 6 months or so I've held on to this $50 gift card to JCPenny. The plan was to save it and put it with my blow money and buy some new clothes or dresses for church. That was the plan.

Some of the moves I do in Crossfit cause the bottom of my feet to burn like crazy! Often I will kick off my shoes (running, basketball or cross trainers) so that I can continue my work out without the pain. My feet are flat which means I don't have an arch. My shoes have had inserts and specially made inserts. I wanted to try some flatter shoes. Today I decided it was time to make use of that gift card I had been hanging on to. My hope is that this will solve my problem.
Look! Squeals of joy over here. I'm nearly 40 and it's taken me this long to buy my very first pair of Converse. Seems a little silly to be so giggy over a pair of these shoes. It's not like they make me look super hot or anything. They do make me feel good though. I really hope this plan works! My daughter thinks they're cool. I might just have to buy her a matching pair! :)  

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