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5 Fingers of Thanks


5 Fingers of Thanks


1.) Thankful the interview with Bob Harper went well. I'm working on the post right now. It won't be published here, it will be on
2.) Thankful that I made it through a very hectic weekend and even though we missed a lot of what we had planned we still were able to do a lot.

3.) Thankful that the Feast With The Beast featuring the B-52's is on Friday. I can't wait to check that one off of the Bucket List!

4.) Thankful for good health. I feel horrible right now and my throat is on fire. This makes me appreciate good health.

5.) Thankful that the "Gratitude Cards" were collected and that we were able to display them in two different areas of the church. Also I'm grateful that we found a replacement for Angel Food Ministries! Whoo Hoo. We will be implementing Mid America Foods.

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