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Letters To Santa


Letters To Santa

It's that time again! My kids have prepared their letters to Santa. My 11 year old transcribed while the 3 year old rattled off her list! Hopefully you can read it. Just in case you can't......
Dear Santa, I want you to love me and not cry and don't make me cry and give me presents and a Happy New Year and don't make Darrien cry. I want a toy box and a airplane and a music box and a Dora in the bath and a step stool and a brush tank and a chair and a fairy kitchen. I want all of these presents and a cupcake! ROFL...
Apparently my son has forgotten how old he is but he would like a Transformer and an Ultimate Optimus Prime Transformer. Simple enough! Now from the 11 year old......

For this annual holiday I request an xbox 360  .IF  you certainly cannot deliver this piece of merchandise I would also like a drumset.  if you still  cannot deliver anything that I have asked for (I despise you if you cannot)then I would like an Venator class Republic  starship. if  none of this  works out for you then I am making an appointment with the easter bunny. CAUTION: if you or any of your helpers do not understand this letter then this should make it clear:     
Thank you for your participation,
The almighty,
D-Kramer buwahaha! oops sorry.

WHOA!!!! No pressure, right? Ugh!

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