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Photobiz Template Upgrade


Photobiz Template Upgrade

Today was webmaster day for me. Apparently this is one of the many skills that I have acquired working online over the years. The site is Design With Your Dime in Mind. Photobiz sent out a newsletter that had updates on templates. The site already has something similar to the template but this particular design was a much better color match. There were lots of changes involved. First I had to add the new logo created by my go to graphic artist Matthew Johnson owner of Sevethfury Studios. We have worked together for the last 5 years on various projects. When you work well with someone and they deliver the results you need, that's who you want to hire.
Next I wanted to change the color scheme to match the new logo. This can be a daunting task because there are so many pages and the new template puts the menu on the bottom of the screen instead of the top. Therefore, I wanted the text to pop with color so you could see it while matching the new logo colors.
Many of these photos have been given to Chesni Cooper with Chee Photography to edit and watermark. They will be returning soon and we are so excited to see the changes. Nothing is more professional than a good photo. Business has become very visual and photographers and graphic designers stay in high demand.

Each page had background color changes, there were font style, color and size changes. There was some text editing, hyperlinking and of course all the social media buttons had to be added. There was some trouble shooting with dastardly java plug ins. It was a pretty nice sized project but we are all very happy with the results. To see the site in it's entirety please visit and if you are a fan of design be sure to Like the DWYDiM Fan Page too.


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