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What Do You Do?


What Do You Do?

Mr. Cothran asked me after our photography class at church, "What do you do?" In real life the people that know me see my updates on my Fan Page and wonder. That is where my business is done. Whether it be topics of music, parenting, blogging, marketing, social media, branding, photographs or fitness and health, I'm a mixed bag of fun. It is hard for me to put myself in a box and boil down my niche. In order to help the process I thought it might be fun to blog about what I do.

Today I organized a photo shoot for Family Law Attorney Jim Evans. Here is the photo he has been working with for his marketing. In my experience this one photo isn't enough for me to work with when it comes to using social media and marketing.

After researching with Karen A. Nelson owner of Design With Your Dime in Mind we wanted something that had not been done before. We wanted something more natural with less of a pose and more color of course. We enlisted photographer Chesni Cooper of Chee Photography to catch what we have been calling the "money maker" shot. We thought about the diplomas in the background or the nice gold lettered law book and even the conference room scene. Instead we took to the streets of downtown Houston's court houses.
He was such a good sport about it and people were wondering what we were doing! We got lots of stares because here is this attorney with three women following him all over, two with cameras. You won't normally see me in photos because I work my magic behind the scenes. Here is one shot just to show that yes, in fact I'm here.
You have to look really close in the window reflection.
We hit so many places and if you would like to see the full photo shoot you can click here to see the album. My candid shots will be used for all sorts of updates but the photos that Chesni took will be updated on Jim Evans

What do you think? Did she get the shot or what?
Today, I'm revamping the image of a Family Law Attorney. 


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