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Crossfit-Daze-Making The Time


Crossfit-Daze-Making The Time

Today was "square dance day" at school. My little guy started first thing in the morning and then we had a 3 hour break before our eldest son was suppose to have his turn. Lucky for me our box has a huge number of classes and I was able to make it for a work out during my break! I cut it really close but I made it.
This is my trainer Shaun lifting my one rep max dead lift with one hand. Seriously? Yes. Last year around September I hit my one rep max with 195 lbs. but today I'm only at 125 lbs. These things happen when you have to build yourself back up after injury. It's not like you should just STOP you have to keep showing up.

 And yes we do roll out! We roll out before a work out and we roll out after work outs. I'm really surprised when people are shocked by the fact that we warm up before a work out. Seems strange not too. As much as we ask our bodies to do it only makes sense.
 This was our WOD today but I went really light today because I know I'm still on my way back. My weight was 15 pounds in each hand. with dumb bells and the slam ball. Could I lift more? It's possible but one wrong move and I could be back to square one and that is not a risk I'm willing to take after 6 months of rehab. I have to smart, play it safe and try like heck not to compare myself to anyone other than me. Even that can be hard. I know where I was last year compared to where I am now.
This is me after my work out. I call this my endorphin face! I'm really happy after a work out, even though it might be tough the work out always outweighs the stress. People will say to me, "oh the expense, oh it's a long drive." To me it's ALL worth it. I must make the time for myself. This is me making the time, fitting it in around a busy day.


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