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Crossfit-Daze-Party WOD


Crossfit-Daze-Party WOD

Crossfitters Group Shot for Crossfit Unity
Today was the Crossfit Unity 2 year anniversary party. Nothing like a group shot after a 12 minute wod out in the parking lot in the middle of the afternoon in Texas. You might as well be barbequing us! It was a tough work out let me tell  you. We broke up in teams of three. Lucky for me I had a couple of super humans on my team. Whoo Hoo!

Shaun McCrary and Pamela M. Kramer
On this side of the parking lot we got to do overhead squats. Mmmmm fun. Did I mention how hot it was outside. This was caught near the end of the 12 minutes.
Crossfit Unity Party WOD
Meanwhile I'm waiting for a team member doing lunges to come and relieve me. We ended up with 151 reps. The idea is to count your reps until the person doing lunges gets to you and then they pick the next number.
Crossfit Party WOD
My team member on the left is Tracie and she is a Crossfit BEAST! She is really awesome. She was doing dumb bell cleans on the other side of the parking lot. I think we ended up 342 reps.
Pamela M. Kramer
It felt like forever but it was only 12 minutes and then it was time to clean up. Whoa! Now we feast on some burgers and yummy food that everyone brought to share.
Mmmmm cake
Even a Crossfit party has cake! So when people worry about paying more for a Crossfit membership than a gym, belonging to a box is really like having an extended family. A friend was trying to figure out if she could justify the money for a membership. It's a lifestyle change. We make the adjustment when we want something bad enough. How is that for a party WOD? Until next year.

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