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Crossfit-Daze-Coming Back


Crossfit-Daze-Coming Back

What you see is just a couple of hand fulls of stuff that floats around in my head on a daily basis. There could be more or less depending on the day. What I want to remember is that regardless of everything going on or what I need to do that I am a priority. The last few weeks of Crossfit I have ended up on this very floor after a work out. I don't want to stand or jump up and down because I finished. NO at this point I just want to keep from throwing up. It sucks! 
Pamela M. Kramer Crossfit
My body no longer wants to do what I tell it to without some sort of painful reaction in some area of my body. I know sore and I know pain. When you Crossfit you begin to know the difference very clearly. This situation is sort of annoying. People complain about the distance to drive to the gym. It's about 20-30 minute drive for me both ways. Could I find a closer gym? Probably. I'm a creature of habit. As long as my people are there at the gym then that is where I'm comfortable laying on the floor or puking in the bathroom. I'm among friends. lol - And I can hug my barbell at the end of a work out and reliably count on my trainer to take photos that reveal my agony.

It's hard. Trying to make it back to RX. I'm a beginner again. It's so hard and most of the time I have a really bad attitude. I'm not where I want to be and it's very difficult not to compare yourself by the people you are surrounded by during a WOD on any given day.

Today I was working out with three very fast guys. They were quick, lifting heavy and they didn't need no stinking band to do strict chin ups. I'm here thinking I'm nearly on year two and I'm back to square one. It's utter garb! I expect a lot from myself. I was riding the wave and what a long fall it has been. One that I will never forget that is for sure.

It doesn't matter! I just have to keep showing up. That's all I have to do. I have to fight it, every single step of the way. Just keep showing up....

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