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#AlohaFriday - Summer Time


#AlohaFriday - Summer Time

Our city community center has a ton of stuff for kids to do during the summer. The parents come out and form long lines just to make sure their kid gets a spot, myself included. It takes a lot of work to juggle the summer schedule. I think it might be worse than the school year. This got me to thinking...

What are you planning for your kids to do this summer?

Last week I asked you about going to a blog conference. Thank you for all the advice. If you would like to read my Rookie Experience please click on the hyperlink.

I have my ticket and I'm ready to go! After being online for the last 5 years I'm finally heading to a blogging conference. It's in Austin so it's pretty easy for me to get to with minimal cost. I can't wait to learn what they have to teach. This got me to thinking....
Austin Texas Blogathon

As a newbie what advice do you have for me?

Kailani at An Island Life has created this really fun idea. If you are interested in joining in, please visit her site for more details. Click on those "Like" and "Retweet" buttons to share with the online community. For current events see the side bars and click on the "Add Me" tab above to connect with me using other social media services.

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