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The Voice of Vlogs Tuesday Link Up


The Voice of Vlogs Tuesday Link Up

Need a place to get your feet wet when it comes to vlogging? Maybe you're already an expert and would just like a place to share your latest vlog post. Are you embarrassed to see yourself on camera? I think that coming up on age 40 has caused me not to sweat the small stuff. Besides whatever I look like on camera is irrelevant since people see me like this every day. The plan is to host this linky every Tuesday. It's new so give me some time to get some super fun badge to share with your friends. It's barely out of the bubble wrap it's so new! This is my first and it was taken on my iPad. It's nothing fancy and it's pretty short but I had a good time doing it. Join me and link up! Let me see what you've got. Keep it clean and family friendly or you will be deleted. No spammers, just play nice, OK?


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